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  • How long is the appointment?
    As this is considered dental surgery, we typically expect families to be on-site for 2-3 hours for their appointment, from checking in at the front desk to leaving our office after recovery. We do run on a 'surgical schedule' and appreciate your patience, as we strive to ensure that every child is given the attention that they need and as a result, occasionally cases will take longer than typical.
  • Can someone else bring my child to their appointment?
    We require that at least one parent or legal guardian is on-site during your child's appointment.
  • Why do two adults need to be at the appointment?
    We ask that two adults be at the appointment with each child so that following their procedure, one parent is able to assist the child during the drive home and monitor the child, while the other adult is able to drive and focus on the road.
  • Do we have to schedule a visit with our pediatrician to complete the H&P?
    Prior to your child's appointment, the history and physical (H&P) exam form must be completed by your child's pediatrician. Please note that if your child has not been seen by their pediatrician within 90 days of their appointment, a new physical exam will be required prior to their appointment. Some pediatricians will require a visit to be seen for the form to be completed regardless of the last time your child was seen -- this will be at the discretion of your pediatrician.
  • Will I be in the room during the procedure?
    No - we treat our operatory room just like an operating room at a surgery center or hospital, only the clinical staff is in the room during the actual procedure but the parents will be in the room when the child goes to sleep and wakes up.
  • Will we need to come in for a consultation prior to my child's treatment appointment?
    No, we will complete the consultation and treatment on the same day. If you would like a phone consultation with Dr. Eric prior to your child's appointment to discuss your child's dental treatment needs, please do not hesitate to reach out to our office so we can coordinate this for you.
  • Can my child return to school or daycare after their appointment?
    Children should not return to daycare or school after their appointment. They should be monitored by a responsible adult for the remainder of the day and should be allowed to relax. Most children should feel well enough to return to school or daycare the day following their appointment.
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