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Referring Dentists

Why To Refer Your Patients to Us

Our team consists of a board-certified pediatric dentist and dental anesthesiologists who provide treatment under IV anesthesia to your patients who are unable to be treated in the typical dental chair setting due to age, behavior, amount of care required, and other factors. We use the safest techniques with IV anesthesia including all the standard hospital based equipment and monitors. We assure that when you refer to us, we will provide your patients with the most comfortable and safe dental experience. Your patients will be free from any stress or fear of the dentist when they return to you for future recall appointments and preventive care.

What Patients Should be Referred

We accept referrals for patients who are unable to be treated safely in a traditional dental office setting with significant dental needs. This may include very young patients and patients with special needs.

Patients must be a minimum of 2 years old and 25 lbs. to be treated in our office. For any patients over 8 years old, we require that they have very extensive dental needs or special needs that make IV sedation necessary. We will try to accommodate adult special needs patients on a case by case basis. 

What Procedures We Perform

We perform comprehensive dental treatment while the patient is under IV anesthesia. We provide composite restorations, stainless steel crowns, esthetic primary zirconia crowns, extractions, space maintainers, and sealants.

How to Send a Referral

Please complete the Referral Form and send a copy to our office via fax or email, or complete the online form. If available, please include the treatment plan and any radiographs with the referral. 

What Happens Next

We will contact the patients parent or guardian within 1 business day and begin the process to have them scheduled. Once they have been seen in our office, we will send a detailed summary of their visit with us to your office.

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